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To Drink Prune Juice or Not to Drink Prune Juice?

Are you aware of the benefits that prunes bring to your body? For many people, the thought of prunes or prune juice will cause people to run or say gross, that stuff is for old people. Although as a child, people may recall the sole reason for drinking or eating prunes, is for constipation. However, there are far more benefits to prunes that one might think. For example, if you want a happy and healthy digestive system, prune juice is an excellent source of iron and helps the body to absorb the iron that the body receives.

For those who struggle with anemia or those who are vegetarians, prunes or prune juice will help and strengthen your immune system. Prunes also contain a good source of vitamin C, as we want to stay healthy and keep the colds away, eat prunes or drink prune juice regularly. Instead of taking pharmaceutical/laboratory processed vitamins, eat a prune to help your body get the vitamin C it needs.

Have you heard of the "good bacteria" in your body? Prunes also help with keeping and feeding the good bacteria in your body. As many companies will claim that yogurts help with good bacteria, that is not true. Yogurts are full of sugar and research has shown, only a few yogurts on the market actually have live cultures for the good bacteria. So the next time you think of getting yogurt, research the brand and see how much live culture is in there and check the sugar content while you are reading the label, you will be surprised.

Heart Disease and Bad Cholesterol can also be helped with prunes or prune juice. Because prunes are full of antioxidant compounds, they can protect against the "LDLs" low density lipids which are harmful to the body.

Regulate Blood Sugar Levels- Prunes and prune juice is helpful for those who crave something sweet without the worries of raising sugar levels. When I am work, if I am craving something sweet, I pour me a glass of prune juice or eat a few prunes, and my sugar cravings are resolved. I know I am feeding my body something healthy and natural and will not have to worry about the hard struggles of artificial "sugar foods" that will have to take place in the body. My happy body will see prunes as a natural substance that is easy to digest without potential weight gain or harmful side affects.

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