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My name is Cassandra Pristas

Hi, and thank you for visiting my site.  Over the last twenty years, I have focused on studying health and nutrition while maintaining balance in this crazy world. Serving in the military, and on missionary trips abroad, I have noticed a change in the way we eat and live in our Western culture.  Technology, processed foods, our environment, what we feed our minds, and lack thereof are essential to staying healthy.  Not one element alone can help but applying each dimension of care to our bodies can help achieve the best results.  

In my early twenties, I developed terrible eating habits, drinking alcohol, lack of sleep, and exercise and eventually gained some weight and developed some health issues.  After a year or two, I decided to change my ways.  I completed a thorough self-assessment to analyze my behaviors and thought process to keep my healthy. I was living in Loma Linda at the time while going through nursing training, and met a lot of medical professionals in the community. I started to ask a lot of questions, observe the behaviors and physical activities of those around me.  With a lot of hard work, and self reflection, it was time to apply those changes or my quality of life as I got older would be full of health issues, impacting my quality of life. One year later, I noticed a signicant improvement, I felt more energetic, I lost weight, my outlook in life improved on many levels.  From my personal experiences, I thought I can take everything I have learned and experienced for myself and help others do the same, so here I am.


Over the years, I decided I want to share that information with people like you to make a difference.  If I can do it, so can anyone else if they really want to make a change in their lives.  So that is why I created Magnolia Ministries, where each petal is a dimension to keeping us healthy.  

I am serving in the military as a Naval Reserve Officer, a licensed Ordained Minister, College Professor, Certified Financial Advisor, and Certified Health Coach, and Functional Nutritional Counselor.  I have connected and helped so many people over the years achieve their personal goals through my coaching methods.  I love to learn and hear success stories of individuals who apply themselves to strive and be a better person everyday.  I have seveal Master's Degrees, and health and wellness certifications to educate people like you. I share that knowledge to help people be informed of their options so they can discuss with their primary healthcare providers, on the best course of action.  My coaching methods do not prescribe, treat, diagnose, recommend, or replace any form of medical advice.  My coaching strategies are to simply educate and allow people to make their own choices with their physicians. I believe that knowledge is power, and that knowledge can empower you to live a healthy and blessed life!  

I look forward to helping you achieve your goals!


Cassandra P.

Cassandra Pristas
Ordained Minister
Integrative Health Coach
Functional Nutritional Counselor
Certified Financial Advisor
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