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Every Wonder about a Bruise?

Ever wonder why some people bruise easily than others? Or what can one do to get rid of bruises quickly? There are a number of remedies that you can do to help get rid of the bruises quickly. When one gets a direct or hard impact on the body, the damage results in tiny blood vessels, known as capillaries that are underneath the skin. The broken capillaries bleed, and since they are under the skin, you do not see the bleeding but the dark yellow or purple stain on the skin. The area becomes sensitive to touch and some may be inflamed and tender for weeks or days, depending on the impact. Not only does this bruise hurt but can also be embarrassing depending on where it is on the body.

What can you do to help get rid of bruises quickly? My grandmother who is in her 90s has very sensitive skin and just with a slight bump on her arms, her skin bruises very badly and lasts for several weeks. There are a number of different methods one can try to help heal those bruises which include the following:

RICE- Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation. As with anything, if you injure an area it does require some rest. So be sure you don't exert that part of the body. Shortly after the impact, be sure you apply some ice for about 20 minutes. Then you want to wrap the area with a bandage, ensure that it is not too tight then you want to elevate the area. Elevating the area above the heart as often as you can.

After a few days of the RICE method, use the hydrotherapy method which requires you to alternate cold and hot compresses. "This creates an artificial pumping action that brings more nutrients to the area and pumps our waste products " (Chillot, 2003).

Another item you can try is the Epsom salt. Soak the area in epsom salt for at least 20 minutes. The magnesium in the salt is soothing for bumps and bruises.

Fish Oil, which contains the omega-3 fatty acids that helps the body with inflammation. There are other help benefits with fish oil but this does help with bruising.

Lastly, one method that has helped my grandmother with her bruises and usually heal within a week, are essential oils. I make a blend of lavender, german chamomile and jojoba oil and rub on the area twice a day. Not only does it help her mentally with the nice blend and smell of oils but also helps soothe her skin and the bruising. Remember, God created all these herbs for us to use, it is up to us to make use of those natural remedies to heal our bodies.


Chillot, R. (2003). The Anti-Pain Plan. A Jerry Baker Health Book. P. 356-359.

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