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The no carb challenge. The results of one totally carb-free week

For many, cutting out carbs in their diet can be a challenge. Carbohydrate sources include, breads, pasta, french fries and more. Carbs can be good but it also depends on the type of carbohydrate you consume. If you take foods like whole grains, quinoa (my favorite), rye whole wheat bread these foods are definitely much better for you to take into your body. The healthiest type of carbohydrates come from unprocessed grains, vegetables, fruits and beans. However, the examples of the not so good carbs include pastries, sodas and other processed foods. These can wreck havoc on your body and which can be difficult to digest which will eventually turn into fat that can be difficult to shed. Incorporating healthy meals like fish with the Omega-3 fatty acids, dark green leafy veggies and even to add a little flavor without feeling guilty, you can create a lemon dressing sauce or mango to add a little flavor. Nothing has to be boring and tasteless, you can get creative and still eat healthy where the food is delicious. Keep an eye out for future healthy recipes you can easily adapt and incorporate into your lifestyle. Remember, the healthier you eat everyday, the better off your body will thank you. You will shed pounds and feel better! Who does not want to feel more enegertic and vibrant!

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A year ago, I decided it’s time to change my lifestyle. This meant taking control of my life and making important decisions..

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