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Benefits of Cinnamon

Did you know that cinnamon has been around for centuries and was used during biblical times as an anti-inflammatory and used for digestive problems. The bible mentions cinnamon a couple of times when Moses used it as an anointing oil. Egyptians used it for a number of reasons, such as embalming. Europe used it to help expand to Asia and was considered a money making spice.

So what are the benefits of using cinnamon and how can I use it in my daily life. There are so many benefits of cinnamon, where do I begin? 1. It may help treat Type 2 diabetes by reducing blood sugar levels when reducing the insulin in your body. 2. Lowers your LDLs (bad cholesterol), by increasing your HDLs (your good cholesterol) then removes the LDLs. When you add cinnamon to your diet, your high-fat intake might not be too serious to your health. However, you still want to reduce the amount of fat-intake in your food choices, but cinnamon can help with the amount is consumed. 3. Cinnamon has anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties. The Middle Ages used cinnamon when there was no refrigeration. 4. Can help treat symptons of Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease. How can this help with this terrible disease? Cinnamon actually helps the neurons and improve motor function. 5. May have anti-carcinogenic properties, there are a number of spices and foods that help with fighting cancer. Cinnamon may have anti-carcinogenic properties, based on a number of studies, cinnamon has reduced the rate of growing cancer cells. 6. Anti-inflammatory properties, society has become a fast paced world that we expose ourselves to a large number of foods, environmental toxins that our bodies absorb everything we eat and touch. This creates severe inflammation to our bodies such as body pain and aches, arthritis and headaches. Taking cinnamon on a daily basis may reduce the inflammation in joints, headaches and body pain. You can use it in your morning coffee, juicing, cereal and toast. Remember, God created all these herbs and spices for a reason.

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