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Lead-Contaminated Water Becoming Increasingly Prevalent

I am sure everyone has heard of the Flint City water contamination issue in the state of Michigan. It is very important to always question where your water comes from and what is in your drinking water. This has raised a lot of concern for many Americans throughout this country. It is not only a concern in Flint City, MI but different cities throughout this country and have experienced some form of contamination. It is scary to think about what we drink and our children are drinking when they are in school. Is the water safe? Why are so many people becoming sick? These are questions to ask and raise with your city water officials. This is going to continue to be a problem if people to do not take action and ask questions.

You are probably asking yourself, what can I do to protect my family? Well you can start by reviewing your water reports and testing your water. I have always been conscious of my water source. Each house that I have had, first thing I do, is install a whole house water filtration system, fluoride removal system and reverse osmosis. Now they may sound extreme, but it is not extreme when you review the water report from your local water source. I was petrified when I saw what people are drinking. I highly encourage you to access your local water system report and really read and see what is in your drinking water. For example, for Navarre, FL. Here is our 2012 Water Quality Report. This is by no means a tactic to scare you but to only be aware and take action for your own health. One thing I have found out, do not wait for the government to help, because you have seen the outcome with Flint City residents and other cities throughout the country. Research different companies to install a water filter system in your home or sink. But be cautious, there are a lot of vendors that have cheap filters and do not filter what they claim.

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