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Juicing, is it for you?

I am sure many of you have heard of juicing. It has crossed your mind and left your mind. You were probably thinking, gross! This is not for me. However, it can have many benefits to your health vs. drinking a soda beverage. Juicing is a good way to incorporate more fruits and vegetables into your diet. However, you need to consider a few things before you start juicing.

What are the advantages to juicing?

If you do not like to eat a bulk serving of fruits or vegetables because you do not like the taste, well guess what? Juicing allows you to drink those nutrients instead of eating whole fruits and vegetables. Get a variety of fruits and vegetables that include various beautiful colors!

Disadvantage of Juicing

Although with juicing, you get the servings of fruits and vegetables, you do not get the necessary fiber that is needed from the pulp. Some people may use the pulp that is extracted from the juicer and place in their drinks but many of the nutrients are missed in your juicing experience.

Cost of juicing can be expensive. Some juicing machines start at $40 and may go up to $450.00 depending on the maker. I do not think many people have the money to splurge on an item but if you do, it is an easy way to get your servings of the right vegetables and fruits.

There are so many ways to juice, in the future I will provide some recipes you can try and maybe incorporate in your juicing experience.

Here is a sample of my typical morning juicing blend:

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